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Choose from different spray modes – shower depending on your mood

Anyone who has experienced the sensual world of hansgrohe spray modes will never want to shower less again. In our in-house spray laboratory, we develop and optimize the spray modes that suit your personal needs. Whether for daily body care, relaxation or a kick of freshness – with a variety spray modes, we can fulfill your every wish.

hansgrohe Select: sofistike, sağlam  mekanik.
用三种喷雾模式 - 粉末,雨和旋风 - 雨争选择S 120 3-Jet P手淋浴为日常淋浴常规带来多样性。


作为实用测试系列展示,有三种不同类型的淋浴用户:Comfort shower types很高兴沉迷自己。高效淋浴类型想要快速激活他们的所有感官。和焦点淋浴类型have a preference for targeted relaxation.

Because we at hansgrohe like to accommodate every shower type, we have combined the appropriate spray modes for all three characters in a single product: TheRaindance Select S 120手动淋浴可以在雨衣,雨和旋转喷雾模式之间切换。所以它完全取决于你是否想要放松,醒来或接受按摩 - 它可以舒适地获得触摸按钮

为自己看,为什么这么多对Raindance选择S 120如此高兴:


We offer you a wealth of water forms you can use to customize your own pampering shower. Discover the hansgrohe spray modes for you that lets everyday stress simply bead up and rinse away:

  1. 雨衣:淋浴头内的空气注入了一个放松的雨水。这使得水感觉特别柔软,充满了,串珠在身体上并以奇妙的清爽感。这种抚摸就像一个温柔的夏天下雨,只是鉴赏家命令的东西。
  2. Rain:一个强大的降雨,对整个身体的新鲜度踢球。水的令人愉快的力量是漂洗洗发水的完美。这是一个完美的喷雾模式,用于刺激到达当天的刺激。
  3. Whirl: The whirling massage spray that showers away all the stresses and strains of the day. It relieves tension particularly around the neck and shoulders. The rotating helix spray whirls as it wanders over the skin just like a masseur’s fingers. The ideal choice to relieve stress or enjoy a helping of wellness after exercising.


The hansgrohe spray modes at a glance – let yourself be inspired by the best in water performance

A Variety of spray modes bring a change of pace to your everyday shower experience


The special thing about the hansgrohe spray modes is that they are coupled with technologies such as欣喜或者气力拨款。凭借Ecactight,耗水量可持续减少,但效果几乎仍然相同。另一方面,随着Airpower,空气与水混合在水中 - 使液滴充沛,更柔软。您的水和能源成本将下降。

You can to invigorate your senses withint, or rinse everyday stress away withRain: Every hansgrohe spray mode views itself as art in water form and makes this precious resource a wellness experience, and showering a favorite pastime.

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