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iBox Universal & base set - for greater clarity and flexibility in the bathroom

When pipelines and connections are hidden behind the wall, not only does your bathroom look better, but they give you more space as well. Concealed installation provides greater shower enjoyment and a cleaner look, along with more freedom of movement in the bathtub.

iBox Universal – the versatile concealed solution from hansgrohe

ibox普遍是众多Hansghe隐藏式安装解决方案的基本集bob综合app. The key advantage for builders and bathroom renovators is the planning scope. How's that? You can have the base set installed today (for new construction, for instance) and decide later (perhaps the next year) which龙头或者恒温器你要。
hansgrohe offers a large assortment of shower and bathtub controls that you can have installed on the iBox – in lots of attractive designs. This gives you more time to select your bathroom fittings and prevents the need for opening up the wall again later on. The iBox Universal also makes renovations a breeze: The base set installed in the wall is compatible with all standard hansgrohe faucet ranges and ensures simple replacement. This way, you can add a more modern control unit whenever you wish – one with Select control, for instance.
You’d like a multi-sprayshower head? Here too, the iBox Universal is the right choice, because it has been designed for lots of different functional solutions.

A beautifully organized bathtub

无论是淋浴还是浴缸 - 请转到所需的文章以找到完美的隐藏基本集。在下面“Accessories & spare parts”,您将找到有关所需基础集的所有信息。bob综合app汉斯格雷建议寻求专业水管工的建议。专业安装将确保长时间享受您的汉斯格勒优质产品。bob综合app

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